Unexpected Bonus

Back in August when we realized God wanted us to head on over to Eastern Europe we were starting from scratch.  We had no idea what we were heading into.  We didn’t know who we would meet with, how we would save enough money…we knew nothing.  All we had were the email addresses of a couple people whose stories had touched our hearts.  I had been reading these two families’ stories on their blogs for quite some time, so of course I felt like I knew a lot about them, but they knew nothing about us.  It was a little strange to make contact and let them know of our plans. I mean, for all they knew we could be complete crazy people!  
(Ahem, no comments from people who know me in real life…I can see that evil glint in your eyes…
Anyway, it felt weird and strange, but I just knew I had to contact the ones who had gone before us, the ones who knew of this need that had touched the core of our hearts and the pit of our stomachs.  We had to tell them, and ask them to pray.  If anyone knew what to pray for, it would be them!  They’ve seen the need, they’ve touched the need, they’ve looked into the eyes of the lost and had to leave them behind.  They loved these children deeply, before we even knew they existed.  I know God’s approval is ultimately all that matters, but we truly wanted their blessing.  So, I contacted Julia and Melanie, despite feeling a bit ‘stalker-esque’, and I will be forever thankful I did.  You know why?  
They are AMAZING.
Julia and Melanie are my unexpected bonus.  I know they have prayed, and will be praying.  I know they ‘get it’.  They have fundraised, they have encouraged, they have trusted us to be the feet going where they so badly desire to go.  I do not take that lightly.  I am humbled.  Their faith has encouraged me and challenged me.  After the sometimes romantic-sounding adventure of  the adoption process was over they kept on, doing the day-to-day stuff of raising their rescued boys, yet not forgetting for a moment the ones left behind.  
So, there you have it!  My unexpected bonus is new friends who didn’t freak out when a stranger sought them out, but took the time to get to know our hearts and now have become amazing supporters of what God is doing through/in us.  Thank you Julia and Melanie.  Your support means so very much to us. 
If you want to see just how cool these two are…
 you can find Julia at her blog here where she does some pretty stinkin’ amazing advocating for the least of these.  You’ll also get to meet her former Lost Boy, now rescued and cherished, Aaron, whose dimples are to die for!!!  
And then please, please, pretty please go check out Melanie’s blog here where she advocates, shares her heart, and lets you in on the life of her former Lost Boy, the amazingly sweet and beautiful Judd.  Melanie is doing one final fundraiser to help send money with us to spend on the Lost Boys.  Check it out quick!  You don’t have much time!  GO GO GO!!!!  🙂
Is the Body of Christ amazing or what???


  1. Ben and Melanie · April 9, 2012

    Tears Tears Tears,,, Hugs Hugs Hugs… Watching, hoping, Praying like crazy! God Speed… Victory In Jesus… Press Toward the Mark my friends!

  2. Jane@flightplatformliving · April 27, 2012

    how exciting, I knew of Julia's blog and am an avid follower but hadn't found Melanie's… thank you for the heads up! isn't it wonderful how complete strangers can connect with their hearts in these matters…its like me and lora and francine!i love your hearts in this! xxxxxx

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