Today we got a most wonderful item in the mail:
Seth’s new birth certificate!
I love so much that the birth certificate looks just my other kids’.  To look at that piece of paper you would think I birthed him.  I love that it doesn’t mention “adoption” or “former names”.  None of that.  I am listed as the Mommy, Jed is listed as the Daddy.  BAM.  Take that! (not sure why I got all in your face on that one.  I just felt like it.  BAM.  Felt like it again.) 🙂   
There’s something else that I noticed on the birth certificate that brought a smile to my face.  I have all Seth’s birth records and such, but I had never taken notice of the attending physician for Seth’s birth.  Well, I looked on the certificate and lo and behold it’s someone beyond special to us!  The doctor who delivered Seth is the same doctor that delivered Addy and Ezra!  I loved her.  She wasn’t able to do Havalah because she became a hospitalist after Ezra was born.  This is the same doctor who noticed a strange spot on my leg while prepping me for Addy’s c-section, removed it even though I didn’t have a consent, and then realized later it was a fairly advanced melanoma.  This doctor literally saved my life.  That’s another story for another day, but let’s just say she is a pretty important person to our family.  To think she was there when Seth came into the world brings tears to my eyes.  God is so good.  What a Redeemer.  I just love Him.
In the envelope along with Seth’s birth certificate was a letter from his lawyer that says his case is now closed.  
I’m saving that one for the scrapbook!  Okay, I say that as if I actually scrapbook.  I should say “I’m saving that for the drawer of special Seth items!”  Let’s be honest here.  
It just feels good to be done with it all.  Jed and Seth were gone earlier this week and it felt surreal to let Jed take Seth out of our state without written permission from DHS.  We almost felt like we were being sneaky!  Jed kept asking me if he needed some sort of documentation to take him alongDid we need to tell anyone?  Nope!  He’s ours, free and clear.  
Aaaah, big sigh of relief.
God is so good.

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