Addy’s View

I can’t believe I’m the parent of a 9-year old.  How did that happen?  In my mind my age has been permanently stuck at 26.  If people ask how old I am, my brain automatically thinks “26”.  Weird.  I haven’t actually been 26 for 7 years. Although I can’t believe Addy’s 9, I also can’t quite remember living life without being a mom.  It’s funny how 9 years of diapers and lack of sleep can wipe out any memories of my former childless life.  

Anyway, my baby, Addy, just turned 9 last week.  We celebrated with a sleepover, cupcakes, spontaneous dance parties, popcorn, pizza, giggles, and not much sleep.  It was perfect.  

Our firstborn is pure joy.  She’s our learning curve into parenting.  She’s our trial by error.  She’s my mini-me, minus the worry about what others think.  I love that about my Addy.  

The past week or so, as I’ve been recovering from the shock that I have a 9-year old, God’s been speaking to me a lot about parenting and intentionality.  I have so many thoughts swirling in my brain about preparing our kids for our move, and being present with our kids in general.  There’s a blog post brewing about our kids and parenting…but it will take me a while to get my thoughts in a presentable order. 

In the mean time, here’s a glimpse of the world from my Addy’s point of view.  Addy got a camera from my parents for her birthday.  She loves it, and I love seeing the pictures she takes.  It’s fun to see what catches her eye, what she considers picture-worthy.   

Take a look at Addy’s world 🙂


Ezra Pezra

I just LOVE this one…hehe

Heading out for a walk…

Race to Mommy!!

Ready, set, go!!!

Ezra says he didn’t push Seth- I think the evidence says otherwise

Poor Seth  🙂

Fancy pants panorama


  1. Crystal · February 9, 2013

    Very nice! I wonder what I would have taken pictures of at that age….

  2. Deanna · February 10, 2013

    I love it! She is beautiful…and I'm totally with you on the 'mental age'. Lol. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not right 'out of college' anymore! 🙂 Happy birthday, Addy!

  3. Ben and Melanie · February 11, 2013

    Happy Birthday Sweet Addy… We Love and miss you here at The Happy Hartman Farm!

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