Garage Sale of the Century Recap.

You found us! Yay for you!

I've been meaning to move over to WordPress for a while now, and finally got around to it. I managed to move all the blogger content over to WordPress a while back, and then I forgot I did it and wrote a few more posts on my blogger account. Oops. So…I copied and pasted them here. I'm so hi-tech. Aren't you proud of me?

Now for the real news!

Holy Garage Sale Amazingness!!!

What kind of crazy garage sale brings in that kind of money? I have absolutely no idea how that happened, other than the fact that God must have multiplied the money once it hit the change box. 🙂 So many wonderful friends donated loads and loads of stuff for us to sell. Our oh so gracious and amazing friends Tom and Emma let us host the sale at their house since we live on a super steep hill. On Thursday night we stood in their house attempting to sort the junk sale items, and we literally almost cried (well, not so much Jed and Tom, more like Emma and me…or maybe just me…). It was a serious case of Hoarders. Tom and Emma get a standing ovation for hosting this beast. We made such memories together…I would almost be tempted to do a re-do just for some more quality snacking with T and E…almost.

We priced the items low, and then prayed for loads of buyers. And guess what? Our prayers were answered beyond our wildest dreams!! Tons of shoppers were commenting on how few garage sales there were that weekend…our sale was the only big one in the area…THANK YOU JESUS! He cares about every.single.detail- right down to the friends providing pumpkin spice lattes and milkshakes just when I needed them. 😉 Can I get an amen? Hehe

Tom, Emma, Debbie, Joe and Kim, Duane and Kim, Becki, Curtis and Sara, Jasmine, Ashley, Rosa, Vicki, Carli, Hannah, Mom and Dad, Sam and Ang…and everyone else I'm forgetting, THANK YOU for the coffee, the donations, the blizzards, the doughnuts, the help with the kiddos. You are all ginormous blessings to us and our hearts were/are bursting with all the love and support we felt from our friends and family. High five Team Garage Sale!

The proceeds from that garage sale, combined with one done by friends earlier in the summer raised a whoppin' $3100! That almost paid for our plane tickets. We are most blessed, and we are most done with garage sales.



  1. Sara Eriksen · September 3, 2013

    God is soo good!! Love you guys. 🙂

    • kimnjed · September 4, 2013

      Love you too! Thanks for all the support and donations!

  2. yoongz · September 4, 2013

    Amazing! Praise the Lord!

    • kimnjed · September 4, 2013

      I KNOW!! I owe you a reply, just need a moment to chat with Jed about it 🙂

      • yoongz · September 5, 2013

        i know you know… i just figured moving stuff is keeping you very busy… but if you could get back to me sooner rather than later it would be good 😉

  3. Crystal · September 4, 2013

    Yay, that’s so great! You certainly beat our garage sale total. 🙂

    • kimnjed · September 4, 2013

      Super surprising that’s for sure!

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