Along the Way

Welp, we're in Montana now. 🙂

We arrived in Great Falls on Friday after a loooooong day of driving through nowheresville Idaho, a drive through part of Yellowstone, a stopover at a very cheap interesting motel, and another morning of driving. With all of us stuffed in a car, quarters are preeeeetty close and comfy. We've been listening to the audiobook of Pinocchio and it's so funny! I'd only ever seen the Disney cartoon and the book is of course so different and so weird. With Pinocchio, a steady stream of Pimsleur Russian, and our favorite albums we don't get too terribly bored. All that said, we are super happy to be out of the car and in Montana spending lots of quality time with the cousins and Jed's grandma. We are so blessed!

Here's some pics from along the way:

Seth calls this his Mickey Mouse pose. Hmmmm?

Havalah and her Playmobils. Inseparable.

Showin' off the faves.

Addy is my VERY close car companion... 🙂

We ate in a covered wagon! Note the creepy animals...only in good ol' Montana!

Ridin' a bear in West Yellowstone

Look! Elk! (Sorry about the stranger in the corner...I'm not in a photo editing mood)



Listening to the accordion with the cousins at GG's

Girly cousins. Addy looks just a wee bit frightening!

The little boys. Cuteness!


Either on Tuesday or Wednesday we'll head to Jed's sister and her fam in Billings, MT. This trip has been super wonderful so far! Jed is feeling quite a bit better, so thanks for the prayers!


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