A Week and a 1/2 in Photos- January 29th

It’s Thursday! Can you even believe it? So, yeah, I missed my phone-pic-emptying-post on Sunday. Oops! But it’s because I felt so strongly that I just had to tell you about one of our sweet boys who desperately needs a family.
*check out the end of the post for an update.

So here’s some pics to catch you up on the everyday shenanigans around these here parts!


My kitchen reality.



A few of our loves. Seriozha loved that little baby doll. Hava wanted to give it to one of “her Romaniv Boys”.



This is what happens when the road is blocked on the way to Romaniv. Snowball fight! Nice shot Roma 😉



Arrrrrrrr! (Not sure why the eye-poking one, but he insisted on it)



Just another night of Just Dance on the Wii. 🙂



I am the CHAMPION!!! No one can ever beat me, except that one time that shall not be mentioned when I’m pretty sure I had a malfunctioning remote…



After FIFTEEN MONTHS of emptiness, the tooth is finally emerging! We thought this day would never come!



In the meantime Hava is losing hers. 🙂



Addy and her friend Nastya at a benefit concert for MTU! Addy loves Nastya. I really need to work harder on getting them together.






A little Boris lovin’



Seriozha loves Masha. We do too.



Play is the work of children. 🙂



Speaking of sweet babies needing families, who will step up for this one? Contact me for more details. 🙂



Stop the cuteness!



Our bus stop. Perty eh? Haha



On the bus. I think Addy took this one…



Off to the market to do some flower girl shopping! We have a wedding this weekend!



More dancing…did I mention I’m the champion???





For all who are wondering about our sweet boy who is failing, please continue to share him and his story. We have had a couple serious inquiries, so that is encouraging.  Thousands of people now know of him and hundreds, maybe thousands are praying.  Maybe his family is in those thousands?  I pray it is so.  We saw him on Tuesday and he looked worse.  I got to just sit and hold him for a couple hours and he was at peace during that time.  Some donations have come in (THANK YOU!) to provide him with extra care, so after we meet with the staff and make a plan we will implement it as quickly as possible. Nothing happens quickly here, and as much as we want to snap my fingers and get a quick fix, it just doesn’t work like that.  But please know that we are doing all we can to help him as quickly as possible.


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  1. Pat Epperly · January 31, 2015

    Congratulations on the new teeth, Hava. Love You! Grandma Pat

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