URGENT- Family Needed

Update 4/15: An adoptive family has stepped forward for Preston! They are currently compiling their adoption dossier as quickly as possible. If you would like to donate to their adoption fund follow this link: https://reecesrainbow.org/129794/sponsorrichardson2

Hello Dear Friends.

I’m coming to you today with an urgent need. My heart is heavy and I’m pleading with you to share, pray, and consider how you could play a part in this story.

Remember “Preston” (formally known as ‘Baby A’)? I wrote a detailed blog about him here. To jog your memory, he was dying at the institution in October 2016. We went there in the night and after calls to people in high places of Ukrainian government, he was rescued and he lived. He now lives with a wonderful family in our church and is available for international adoption.

We just learned that Preston has 6 months to be adopted or he will be returned to the Institution.

Friends, this simply CAN NOT happen.

Life in the institution almost killed Preston. He was hours from death when we came to him that October night. I am certain returning to that place would be a death sentence for him.

He is so smart, so beautiful, so social. He is a part of a family now and he is adored. Preston has blossomed in family life and we just can’t let him be orphaned again.

Due to personal circumstances and Ukrainian law, Preston cannot remain in his current living situation. He is loved very much, but all involved know international adoption is the best plan for him.

So I am asking you to please DO something to help our boy. Do not just read this and move on. Imagine your son or daughter, your nephew or niece, safe in their bed at home one day and the next day left alone in a mental institution. What would you do to prevent that reality? I know what I would do. I would shout. I would share the story. I wouldn’t give up and I wouldn’t shut up until they were free. Preston is no less worthy of that effort.

Here are ways you can help:

1. Share this post far and wide.

2. Donate to Preston’s adoption grant. The donations are tax deductible and help remove the financial burden of the adoption process for the family that chooses him. Donate here.

3. PRAY! God knows and sees our boy. May His will be done.

4. Consider if you could be Preston’s family. Why not you? Do not assume this is someone else’s YES. Maybe this is your YES. Please consider.

Help me shout for Preston! He can’t speak up for himself. We are his voice.

Read more about Preston here.


Please email me at kjohnson@wideawakeinternational.org for more information about Preston or the adoption process.


  1. Dena · January 7, 2019

    Praying for the family God has called to adopt him to be obedient.

  2. LeeAnn Howe · January 7, 2019

    Can the current church family adopt him?

    • Camille Duckworth · March 28, 2019

      The article says that’s not an option but not why.

      • kimnjed · March 28, 2019

        Correct. They can’t adopt him because they are two single women and Ukraine only allows married couples to adopt.

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  4. Nancy Scanlon · January 12, 2019

    Praying and sharing…for a new family for Preston…..

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  6. April · April 2, 2019

    What is a home study and how much does this all cost? I more than anything would adopt him but fear I definitely wouldn’t have the funds to do so

    • kimnjed · April 30, 2019

      I’m so sorry I never replied! Please forgive me. It’s about $30,000 to adopt from Ukraine. But the good news is, a family has been found!

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