This is my first time to post about a specific child.  There are a few reasons why, but none of them are good reasons.  I see other blogs with people advocating for a specific child or children, and my heart is moved.  My heart just wells up with love for these precious ones who have been forgotten by the world.  
The voiceless.
The forgotten.
The fatherless.
I read other blogs and I know they make a difference.  Many children who are advocated for end up being adopted, yet I haven’t advocated.  Why is that?  Pride I guess.  Unbelief I guess.  I felt that my words wouldn’t bear weight.  I felt that no one I know in real life would be interested in hearing about these forgotten, “imperfect” children.  I felt that I would be annoying people by placing this need before them.  
I was wrong.
My words don’t bear weight- I was right about that.  But guess what?  My God is the Father to the Fatherless and if I’m advocating on His behalf then the words will bear weight.  Not because I typed them out, but because He loves them more than I could ever love them.  
Who am I to assume that people I know wouldn’t be interested in hearing about these precious ones who occupy my thoughts so often?  I felt like God was saying “Don’t you trust me?”  I need to trust the Holy Spirit in others and let Him do His work.  How can people act if they are unaware?  I was unaware a year ago and now I’m planning a trip to Ukraine to see these children for myself.  That was the Holy Spirit’s doing- and He can for sure do it for others!!!!  
As far as annoying people by advocating, honestly, that was just a lame excuse to do nothing.  The people I know and love are too compassionate and loving to be annoyed.  What was I thinking?
Anyway, all that to say- here’s my first post about a child I love.  I’ve never met him, but he has stolen my heart.  If I could I would cross the ocean tomorrow to snatch him up forever.  When things fell through when we committed to Jonah I immediately “knew” this was our boy instead.  But God had other plans.  He’s not my baby, but he’s somebody’s baby.  Maybe he’s yours??
This is “Aiden”.  Aiden is his Reeces Rainbow name, to protect his privacy.  Aiden is 4 years old and is visually impaired.  I’m not sure if he’s 100% blind, or if he could see some with some medical attention.  Here is what is said about sweet Aiden on Reeces Rainbow:

“From a volunteer who spent several months at this orphanage:
Aiden is visually impaired (I’m not sure if he has some vision or if he is 100% blind). Aiden has some more significant delays however it is difficult to tell if he is cognitively delayed for medical reasons or if his delays are simply a result of institutionalization / lack of stimulation. Aiden engages in a lot of self-stimulation such as poking his eyes, tapping his head on the side of his crib, rocking back and forth, etc. When I first met Aiden he was able to walk around the edges of the crib holding on to the sides, but he would not walk independently, even while holding on to someone’s hands. As I worked with him however and he grew to trust me he began to take his first steps and now he loves to walk! Still, at least while I was there, the workers never let him out of his playpen.  Aiden does not speak but he responds to his name and I believe he understands simple directions. He is not toilet trained but he is learning to feed himself.  Aiden is difficult to engage. He doesn’t initiate interaction but when you play with him/tickle him, etc. he is full of smiles and laughter. I believe that this boy has way more potential than can be seen right now. Whoever Aiden’s family will need to be persistent about getting in his face in order to force him to engage and patient with what may be slow progress but I believe that with the consistent love and stimulation that a family would bring this little guy has all kinds of potential.”

Aiden’s picture hangs on our wall in our house.  He is so precious to me.  More than that, he is precious to the Lord and I know God has great things in store for him.  For more info on sweet Aiden go here.


  1. Jane@flightplatformliving · October 29, 2011

    Kim i love your post so very much! did you see the quote in my friday post? 'God doesn't require you to suceed he just requires you to try' it really helped me this week to hold these words in my heart. your post fits beautifully. thankyou so much for sharing your heart…i just know your words will touch many who have felt the same and spur others on! so happy you linked up. cant wait to continue to see your journey unfold. much love janexxxx

  2. Zc · August 28, 2018

    Did you know he was adopted

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