These Last Days

18 Days. I can't even begin to digest what that really means. Life is moving by too fast, and moving in slow motion at the same time. Some days I'm dying to get there and “get this show on the road”, and some days I feel like leaving will tear my heart in two. I'm split in half. Wanting to be there- and wanting to stay here.


We email our Ukrainian friends in Kiev and ask them to meet us at the airport to help us manage our obscene amount of luggage. They respond and I feel giddy to see them again.


My dear friends give me a good bye party and write me notes of love and make all my favorite tasty treats and give me way too many hugs and I feel like my heart is full, yet breaking. I'm am one blessed-beyond- measure-gal.


All our dreams are coming true. We've been preparing for this for 2 years. I've been preparing for “this” my whole life. From the time my little 9-year-old self named my guinea pig “Hudson Taylor” it was pretty apparent this day would come. I've longed for this. I've worked toward this. I've dreamed of this.


God has given us big, huge, outlandish desires- and now He's fulfilling them. I feel like I'm bursting with thankfulness, yet constantly on the verge of tears.


When I think about my life I know I've won the jackpot. How is my life this awesome? How is it possible? Yet there are moments when I really count the cost and wish the cost of was a little less costly.


I don't wanna go. But I can't wait to get there. Make sense? Yeah, I'm confused too. 😉


Here's glimpses of how we've been spending these last days…(what isn't pictured is the chaos of suitcases moving at our house…I'll spare you those gory details)

We've been…

Running in the park with cousins...

Making sleepover memories...

Pumpkin patching with friends...

Making silly faces...

Being absolutely adorbs...

Visiting the dentist one last time...

We've been attempting to make the most of each day, attempting to not wish them away in anticipation of the future, but attempting to do this “leaving thing” well.

If you see us, give us lots of grace, and a hug (yes, I said it), because Lord knows we need both!




One comment

  1. Crystal · October 25, 2013

    Oh boy sister. do I know EXACTLY how you feel! And the Hudson Taylor reference? Stellar!

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