Birthday Boy

Six years ago God gave us Ezra.
The day he was born was one of the best, and then scariest days of my life.
There were complications and when our Ez Pez was born his lungs were acting like he was a preemie.  
He was a very sick baby.
Oh I remember the feelings of that day.  I’m a pediatric nurse myself and I remember feeling so helpless, my baby in the hands of others who were very concerned.  Doctors talking seriously and quietly, coming to my bedside with updates.  I had to have a c-section, so only Jed could go along with Ezra to the NICU.  We couldn’t hold him, I couldn’t feed him.  It was so sad!
Then when Ezra was several days old we went downstairs to the NICU to visit him in the night.  His nurse that night was one we hadn’t had before.  
Her words “Would you like to hold your baby?”  
Yes yes yes!!!!
That night I got to hold Ezra for the first time.  He was fragile and earlier that day we had been told it would be a while before he would be strong enough to be held.  I asked the nurse what had changed and she replied, 
“I’m of the school of thought that what babies really need is their mommy.”
Guess what?  From that night on Ezra started improving.  He started getting stronger, his lungs started working better!  The miracle of the mother/baby bond was witnessed that night.  I am amazed at how God creates our little ones to crave touch, to NEED touch to thrive.  They are hear our voices in the womb, they know our scent, our voice, our touch.   

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”
Psalm 139:13

We came home just days later with a completely healthy boy. 

God is so good!!!
Ezra has been such a blessing to our home.  He is loving, caring, always the one to kiss the babies good night.  He is becoming more “boy” all the time and is totally in love with his daddy.
Happy birthday my sweet miracle boy.  May you love the Lord like crazy and follow His lead every day of your life.We are thankful for you!!!!


  1. Lora · December 19, 2011

    Thanks for finding my blog today. I need all the kind words I can get going through this! I just came and found your blog, and my little girl has the same birthday as Ezra! (Not the year but the day šŸ™‚ )Ill be following your blog!

  2. Jed and Kimber · December 20, 2011

    Hi Lora! You bet we will keep praying for you guys. Yippee for November babes!

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