The One that Started it All

I am so happy today.  It’s a bittersweet happiness, but less bitter and more sweet. 
Last year at this time we had no idea about the orphan crisis in Eastern Europe.  We had no idea sweet precious children made perfect in the sight of God were alone in cribs forgotten by the world.  
Then “by chance” I ran across an adoption blog that mentioned Reeces Rainbow and my eyes were opened.  I thought about those sweet faces all the time.  One face stood out among the rest.  No matter how many others I looked at, there was something special about this one.  So we prayed.  We prayed and prayed and God spoke.  He told us to go for it- this was our boy.  We were so excited!  We had prayed for this little one for months.  His picture was up on our wall, he was the child of our hearts.
Well, most of you know it wasn’t long until we found out he was being adopted by another family.  You can’t pre-select a child from that country, so another Reeces Rainbow family that was already there to meet their daughter met our boy and fell in love.  God totally paved the way for them to add our sweet one to their adoption.  Oh boy, the emotions that followed!  We grieved and we rejoiced.  We wept and we smiled.  It was totally confusing and horrible and wonderful at the same time.  
Shortly after that time is when God started leading us in another direction.  I know I’ve said it before, but I believe God led us to our boy to turn our hearts in the right direction.  He used our sweet one to open our hearts once again to the plight of the orphans.  He knew it would take us fully investing our hearts and saying “yes” to get us to the point where He could then show us the next turn in our path.
Not long after that all happened the situation in our boy’s country changed.  He was safely at home with his forever family when the office of government that handles all the adoptions in his country closed down to switch to another system.  People who are in the middle of their adoption process are right now just waiting for things to open back up so they can go rescue their babies.  If we would have proceeded with adopting our boy, if he had not been rescued by the family God had chosen for him he would be sitting and waiting for us.  Worse than that, he would most likely have been transferred to an institution and possibly lost forever.  Does our God know what He’s doing or what!!!?  This just blows my mind how perfect His plans are.  His ways truly are higher than our ways.   
Now we are embarking on our grand adventure and he is safe at home with a loving and wonderful family that God destined for him.  I am amazed.  
I see “my” sweet boy’s face and I know God has an amazing plan for his life.  I cried when I saw pictures of him this morning, but I can honestly say my tears are tears of thankfulness.  Thankfulness to our God who holds everything in His hands.  Praise God!
You can see pictures and a beautiful post about “our” boy here.  I will always love him.  🙂
Seriously, God amazes me. 

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  1. MommyG · December 1, 2011

    God has such a beautiful way of working doesn't he? Just heard an analogy of the backide of a woven carpet, all knotted, chaotic, and nothing special, and then you flip it over to see the BEAUTIFUL pattern that those imperfections created. Thought it was a beautiful analogy to how God weaves our lives into something miraculous even when we just see knots! I am so happy to know there is another family in town!!! 🙂 YAY!!

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