4 Thoughts and a Coffee Date

1.  I’m not sure if this is widely known, but Ukraine is being overrun by hot pockets.  Let me explain. There is at least 1, usually 2 notary offices on each block.  Why so many notaries?  The word notary in Cyrillic looks like “Hotapiyc”.  This of course makes us think of “Hot Topic” and skulls and crossbones on backpacks.  Well, of course then we think of “Hot Pockets”, which makes us think of Jim Gaffigan.  Now every time we see a notary we have to sing about hot pockets.  Our Ukrainian friends have been made aware of this problem.
2.  Confession.  We’re typing from the 3rd wifi hot spot we’ve frequented in the last 2 hours.  We are official wifi hoppers.  We go to a restaurant, order something so we can use the wifi, leave, and go somewhere else.  We don’t want to wear our our welcome in any one place.
3.  Confession.  We are at a chocolate shop.  No big deal, you’re thinking.  This is the second time we’ve been at this shop today.  We just may be wearing out our welcome.  At least now they know to bring us the English menu.  🙂
4.  Ukrainian high-heel-wearing skills are RIDICULOUS.  How do they do it?  I am in awe. 4-inch heels, rain, cobblestone streets; enough said.
We had a great coffee date (chocolate shop trip #1) this morning with a really cool couple.  Oleg and Tanya are fellow Vineyard peeps.  They are super cool.  They are also in a time of transition and we are excited about the plans God is working out for them.  Like us, they found Vineyard at a time when they were hurt and really needed a place of  healing and the Father’s love.  It was cool to talk and see how the Body of Christ is so much the same all over the world.  People are people, and God is God.  His love crosses all cultures and He knows just what His people need.  We will get to see Oleg and Tanya again at the conference at the end of our trip.  Please pray for this precious couple that God would continue to lead them and guide them.  Thanks!


  1. Anonymous · April 19, 2012

    Hello,in case you are looking for an international church in Kiev to attend service on Sunday – this one is pretty unusual:HILLSONG KIEV CHURCHhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsong_Church_KievService times are 10:00 and 12:30 and you go to the desk in the lobby to ask for them to translate for you. How to get there:On the BLUE metro line, you'll go to the stop Petrivka. Head toward McDonald's (walking down the left side of the road) going North on Tul's'ka sq. and away from the railroad (actual trains). At McDonald's, turn left onto Moskovs'kyi ave. It's a MAIN road, and you'll need to also cross to the other side of it (generally underground). You'll pass a few large shopping centers and an Ashan (looks like AWAH in Cyrillic) which is a HUGE grocery store. Sort of behind the Ashan, just past it on the side road is a huge orange/yellow "tent" dome. It's down a side street just a little bit but is visible from the road.

  2. Barej · April 20, 2012

    Laughing so hard i am crying….isaac loves Hot Pockets….i bought costco size box for quick dinner before games….he told me on Tues….that it is better to eat them afterwards because after he eats them he has to go to the bathroom! Lol! Hot pockets!We need to have a debrief when you get back….so you giys can share everything that you are seeing, hearing, and tasting of the Lord's kingdom in Ukraine. We can serve chocolate, coffee!

  3. Jane@flightplatformliving · April 27, 2012

    the high hell thing is insane isnt it! minus 20 when I was there, ice and snow and they were still running around in heels!

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