What’s Next + The Kids

At the very beginning of this journey when we still thought this journey was about adopting “Jonah” a friend was praying for us and God spoke some words to her that have guided a lot of our process thus far.  This was at the stage in the game when no one knew what we were considering.  It was just between God, Jed, and me.  We believe that God can speak through His people, and boy has this word struck the nail right on the head!  She said “God’s calling you and Jed to something very difficult.  Fear not, fear not, fear not.  The path looks really narrow, but just keep walking.  As you walk the path is going to widen and God will make a way.  Just keep walking and fear not.”

Of course we thought those words applied to the adoption process and raising a child with special needs.  We had no idea what those words really meant.  Now we’re starting to get an idea.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Back at the beginning of September we knew that we needed to trust God to provide free housing for us.  We can’t pay off student loans in any decent amount of time if we’re still paying our mortgage.  Why don’t we rent out our house and let someone else pay our mortgage?  Then we can live somewhere for free and put money toward student loans so we are more free when we get to Ukraine!  Great idea…except that finding free housing for a family of 6 sounded a little tricky.  Yeah, we learned it’s not that tricky for God.

We asked the Lord to let us know where we were going to be living before our garage sale.  I was starting to get a lot nervous as the garage sale quickly approached and we had nowhere to move.  Yet we knew we were to keep walking and God would make a way.  The night before our garage sale a friend came over to help Jed move the heavy items downstairs for the sale.  I was gone at a home school meeting and when I got home and our friend left Jed turned to me and said “He just offered for us to live with him in his house for free.” 


God made a way!  He did it!  He kept His word.  He did a miracle.  He moved our friend’s heart and that generous friend is opening his home to 6 people.  I don’t think our friend realizes what he just agreed to. Hehe.  Holy bachelor pad invasion Batman!

We are just absolutely blown away by the goodness of God.  We are blown away by His promise-keeping.  We are blown away by His way-making.  We are so very thankful.

In a couple of weeks we’ll move out of this house and into our new digs.  Then we’ll spend the rest of the month getting this house rent-ready.  Please pray for a great renter for our house!  Thanks!


“So, how are the kids with all of this?”


The kids are awesome, as usual. 

Taking Queen Havalah on a tour of the neighborhood

They are taking all of this in like champs.  The kids know we are moving to Ukraine.  Of course they have no idea what that really means! 

They know where Ukraine is on the map and they’ve seen many pictures.  They join in on skype with our friends in Ukraine, so they’ll meet some familiar faces when we finally arrive there.  They know we are going to Ukraine to help the special kids who have no mommy and daddy.  They know that those kids have bodies that work different than theirs and look different than theirs.  I think they understand as much as they can at this point, and they are excited.


What we’ve learned about our kids so far in this process is that however Jed and I present this to them, and however we process it is how they live it.  We are taking this in like the big fat adventure that it is.  So, the kids think of it like an adventure.  We are excited, they are excited.  We have some fears and uncertainties- so do they.  We just pray that God will give the kiddos peace through this process.  We pray they learn in a very tangible way what it means to walk in faith.  We want them to live radically for God- then we better live it!

Thank you again and again for all your prayers and support. 

God is opening doors and clearing paths!  
We stand amazed.  

Sweet Heath still waits for a family to step up for him.  His adoption is nearly paid for by a loving group of Heath-fans.  Please continue to share his face and his story.  Heath needs his family asap!!  Please ask away if you have any questions at all about Heath.  ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. rachelleevensen · October 2, 2012

    Kim, what awesome news! Our God always has it covered, doesn't He? So happy to see things falling into place for your family!

  2. Randee · October 2, 2012

    Kim- I am SO excited for your family! I love that you are being obedient to the Lord even when (in our culture) that looks "crazy"! Someday Trace and I hope/ plan to move to Africa so I think we will be following a similar path in the years to come. It IS an adventure, but God will take care of His plan. Your blog is great- I love keeping up with you guys step by step!

  3. Jed and Kimber · October 2, 2012

    He totally does. It's just amazing and very reassuring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jed and Kimber · October 2, 2012

    Thank you Randee!! We're both in pretty exciting times huh? God is good, no…great.

  5. syc · October 2, 2012

    Ooooh so happy you have some where to live… God is Good! All the time! & as always He has perfect timing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sooo exciting… will be praying…

  6. syc · October 2, 2012

    so happy to hear you have some where to live… God is Good! All the time! & as always He is just on time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sooo excited for you… praying for the next steps & for you & your family to be prepared in all areas to follow where God leads…

  7. Anonymous · October 31, 2012

    Hey, yes, I would love to hear all about Heath. I have been praying for him and wondered if there was a way to find out more about him. Can you email me at glormars@aol.com? Thank you!

  8. Kimber · October 31, 2012

    Thank you for asking! You've got mail ๐Ÿ™‚

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