Alive and WELL!

We’re alive and very, very well.
The silence around here has been deafening!  That’s about to change.  🙂  We’ve been without internet for the past couple of weeks and so much has happened I could probably talk your ear off for a good hour or so.  But…I won’t.  I’ll just give you the highlights.

1  We moved!  All of our worldly possessions have been moved to the home of our very gracious and generous friend Luke.  Luke is letting us live with him for free so we can save up and pay off debt before we relocate all of our worldly possessions across the world.  What a guy!  Seriously, what.a.guy.

So much life lived in this house!  Memories upon memories…

First breakfast in our new digs

2.  Some of our dearest friends spent all of last Saturday helping us prep our old house for renters.  The house looks goooood.  It’s amazing the repairs and things you let slide when it’s just your family living there.  OMG.  The painting, the blackberry-bush-destroying, the cleaning, the hauling, the dump-running.  It was a massive amount of work and we are humbled by our friends’ selfless giving of their time and energy.  Tom, Emma, Chris, Sarah, Sam, Ang, Joe, Dad, Mom- we owe you, BIG TIME.  Thank you!!!!

3.  We have renters!!!!  It doesn’t do much good to move out of your house to save money if you don’t have anyone else to pay the bill.  Good thing God had that covered beyond what we could have imagined.  On Monday a family signed a 5 year lease.  

  (cue Hallelujah Chorus)   

A FIVE YEAR LEASE!!!  We were hoping for at least a 2 year lease, but a 5 year lease is almost unheard of.  That means we’ll have time to get to Ukraine and really settle in before we have to think about our house.  Praise God for his provision.  It’s almost laughable, really.  
  One day a few weeks ago Jed was driving and praying.  He was concerned about what would happen with our house.  He felt like God said “You will not worry about the house.”  As in, “Don’t worry I’ve got it”, and also as in, “You are not allowed to worry about this.”  Ummm okay God.  You were right, again.  I’m so glad He’s the one in charge.

Seth amusing himself while Mommy cleans the empty house
 4.  I would be remiss not to mention one more thing.  The matinee showing of “Cinderella Swamp Princess” was most definitely a recent highlight.  I highly recommend you catch the show if it’s playing in your area.  Contact Addy for the tour schedule.   😉

The costumes are killer.

  That’s what’s been up with us!  God continues to meet us every step along our journey.  He also keeps blowing our minds with His goodness.  Now we wait on Him to show us the next steps.  I’m pretty sure we don’t need to worry about it.  He seems to have it all covered.  😉 

View from our new living room…ridiculous.


  1. Anonymous · October 26, 2012

    I've been checking your blog for updates! So glad to hear you are settled and you have a renter. The new place looks like it's in a very peaceful setting.Sue H.

  2. Jed and Kimber · October 26, 2012

    Thank you for thinking of us Sue! Yes, the new house is amazing. So cozy, so homey, so perfect. We are blessed.

  3. SolaceMama · October 26, 2012

    5 years. 5 years! 5 years? WHO are these people and they should know God's got them in His clutches. =D

  4. Kimber · October 26, 2012

    I KNOW!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!! So funny and so amazing.

  5. Ben and Melanie · October 26, 2012

    GOD is amazing… God`s Not dead he`s surely alive :)… Love it when Abraham sings that! I simply cannot wait to hear ALLLLLL about it!!! See ya SOOOON… WHOHOOO!!!!

  6. Anonymous · October 26, 2012

    Awesome….That Jesus is a good boy.Papi

  7. Sarah · October 26, 2012

    If no one is dressing up as the Swamp Princess for Halloween, I call dibs.Love you guys!

  8. Jed and Kimber · October 26, 2012

    Soon and very soon. Packed and ready, waiting for Jed!

  9. Jed and Kimber · October 26, 2012

    As Eric would say, "Thank Sweet Baby Jesus!"

  10. Jed and Kimber · October 26, 2012

    That mask has your name all over it. Love you toooooooo!

  11. Anonymous · October 26, 2012

    Sitting here in S. Salem in utter amazement! AMAZEMENT! Selfishly, I confess I am sad. It will be at least 5 years before you are ever my neighbor again. Major sadness. But, apparently, as I have said before, God is kicking you out of Oregon and I'm getting the feeling that He is in a hurry! 🙂 We love you guys! Alexis

  12. Keira · October 27, 2012

    HOLY COW!!! You are so right – it is laughable how much God is just blowing the top off things! It's insane!! And he didn't just stop blessing you with a free place to stay…he gave you a mountain top view. Why not?! Thank goodness we can cast all of our anxiety on him because he CARES for us…the big and small things. He is so awesome! Love you guys! Keira

  13. · November 10, 2012

    i know i'm so very very late in reading & commenting… But i really just wanted to say Praise the Lord!!

  14. · November 10, 2012

    Hmmm… my comment did not seemed to have gone thru?Just to say Praise the Lord!! Looking forward to the rest of your journey.

  15. Sandra · November 10, 2012

    This is ridiculous… my 3rd time trying to comment… Praise the Lord & looking forward to your amazing journey…

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