Weekend at the Farm

We had a great weekend.  

A rain-pouring, wind-howling, cozy-on-in”ing”, coffee-sipping, kid-cuddling, hair-cutting, late-night-chatting, friend-loving type of weekend.  After all our moving and cleaning it was just what the doctor ordered.

Friday afternoon we headed up to the Happy Hartman Farm and we’re so glad we did.  

Ben and Melanie visited us back in July with their boys, so now it was our turn to to visit them!  Ben and Melanie adopted their son Judd from “The Lost Boys” institution about a year and a half ago and that’s how we got to know each other.  We had been email friends for several months and in July we became real-life friends.  We love us some Hartmans!  

Addy and Ez were super excited to be on the road…hehe

It was pretty much pouring down rain the whole time we were there, but that was fine with us!  It was perfect just being together, slowing down, enjoying each other, letting the kids play…
Oh how they played!
Jed and Ben burned up lots of stuff.  So that made Jed happy.  🙂
Ridiculously cute Ruger.  Stop the cuteness!!!

Melanie cut my hair (she didn’t even disown me after seeing the enormity of my split-end crisis!), Judd, Ruger, and Abraham were adorable (of course), sweet Lanie made cookies (delish), we parentals stayed up late chatting and laughin’ it up (my favorite times).  It was a blast.

Of course I can’t write about the dear Hartmans without spending a significant amount of time gushing about Judd.  Holy moly, Judd is amazing.  He’s saying words now and it is so fun to watch him grow.  He says “Mama”, “more”, “no”, “please”, “banana”…and more.  

Judd and Daddy

  I know I bragged about him when the Hartmans came in July, but I just can’t help myself!  When I think of the life Judd would be living right now if God hadn’t plucked him out I want to cry.  He is rescued! 

 Judd is precious.  He is learning, growing, loved.  He kisses his Mommy and Daddy just because.  He hugs and signs “sorry” when he misbehaves (Havalah’s hair proved to be quite the temptation..haha).  He loves Elmo and bananas.  He is a treasure.

Ben and Melanie are so awesome.  Many people would say that when it comes to caring for the orphan they have done their part.  They chose Judd, fought to get him, and love him to the moon and back.  They listened and obeyed…and they are still asking God “What do you have for us next?  How can we continue to respond to this need?”  They are doin’ the stuff.  We are so proud of them and so thankful to have them as our friends.

On our way home we stopped in Seattle for a few hours for some food and fun.

Thank you Ben and Melanie for all the food, chats, and lovin’.  We can’t wait to come back!!!! 
We just need to rest up a bit first.  🙂

PS: Our camera is not to be found since our move…hence the sketchy phone pictures.  I promise to do better next time!  🙂


  1. Ben and Melanie · October 31, 2012

    Awwwwwwww….. Hugs… Tears!!!!! Love you guys! So Glad GOD brought us all together!

  2. trippingdifferently.com · October 31, 2012

    Sounds like great fun… we went to the farm too… hop over & have a read if you haven't yet 😉

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