Dancing, In-Betweening, Potty-Training, Eating, and Such

* My kids are in love with the song “Dynamite”.  They request it every single morning and every single afternoon.  I’ve gotta admit their dance moves are pretty sweet.  

A sampling of the sweetness

* Yesterday was a hard day.  Being “in-between” stinks.  

  • We are not in Ukraine, but sometimes I feel like we’re not really here either.  
  • We are focused on preparing for our life there, but still trying to truly live our life here.  
  • We’re not saying goodbye yet, but know we will soon…how do you navigate that?
  • We want to be fully engaged with our church body here, yet we have to start handing off some of our responsibilities, and we’re spending more weekends away speaking at other places.  How do we navigate that?  How can you be fully present…when you aren’t present?  Ha!
  • It’s all very tricky and I have no idea how to transition well.  One step at a time, right?  One obedience at a time.  We say YES Lord to being fully present to what you call us to today.  

* I’m potty-training Seth.  He gets an M&M every time he goes potty on the toilet.  Good news?  We’re quickly running out of our M&M stash.  He gets a popsicle every time he poops on the toilet.  Bad news?  We haven’t really made a dent in our popsicle stash.  You do the math.  Then come over and help me do laundry.  Thanks. 

I guess he felt left out of the glasses club

* The Marr family, who is adopting Alexei, one of our Lost Boys, is traveling in 2 days!  Knowing that they’re heading to the place we love so very much brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  Please pray for the Marrs!  They are bringing light where it is needed so badly.  Woohoo!

* I’ll be in Ukraine in 20 days.  I can’t wait!!!!  I wonder what it will feel like to be there this time, knowing it’s our future home?  Hmmmm….

* I’m excited to eat Ukrainian food in 20 days. Bring.It.On.


*After such a rough day yesterday, today has been awesome.  God is so faithful to give us just what we need, just when we need it.  Today I woke up remembering a word that was spoken over us at the very beginning of this journey:

 “It is your joy to partner with God in this.”  

When did I forget that?  It is my complete and utter joy to partner with Him!  It is my JOY!!!!!   Next time I start focusing on the struggle and stop focusing on the joy, feel free to dump cold water on my head, or whatever it takes to stop the whining.  Seriously.  The enemy is lame, and defeated.  Jesus wins the day. 

The end.  

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  1. Crystal Kupper · April 18, 2013

    Totally hear you on the popsicles vs. M&Ms. We are in the exact same place with Jude at the moment. šŸ™‚

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