Up, Up and Away!

Welp, here I sit in the airport, waiting to board. I feel like I’ve forgotten something…like 4 kids and husband perhaps? Ha! For a homeschooling Mama of 4, I’ve already had more alone time today than I’ve had for the past week, and I haven’t even left the state! Strangely quiet…I haven’t spoken to anyone since my friend Sarah dropped me off an hour ago.

Thoughts while I wait:
*My friend Alexis let me know that Seth pooped in his diaper less than 15 minutes after I dropped the kids at her house. I’ll consider his waiting as a farewell gift for Mommy. Hehe 🙂 (Remember we were trying to potty train? Yep, that didn’t work out so well)

*I’m trying to use the iPad blogger app on this trip, but I can’t figure out how to insert pictures in the middle of a post. Hmmm…anyone have any insight?

*Last night we met with our web developers to talk about plans for building our Wide Awake website! We even bought a domain name! Sweeeeet.

*Being in airports makes me want to eat TCBY. Remember that place? Why do I only see them in airports these days? TCBY always makes me think of my friend Jillian. Back in high school we had a long drive to school and back and we loved to scrounge up enough change to stop ffor TCBY on our way home. Memories…

*When I’m in public places without my kids I feel like I have to explain myself. Like, if I’m grocery shopping alone and I see a mom trying to wrangle her kids as I blissfully stroll down the aisles carefree, I feel like I should stick a pack of diapers in my cart, just so she knows I have kids too. Is that weird? Probably. As I sit here with no one to care for except myself, I feel like I should explain to the lady across the way whose toddler is already fussy that it’s okay…I have 4 fussers of my own. Why do I feel the need? Am I the only one? Anywaysssss…

I’ll stop now. I could ramble on and on with thoughts…since I obviously miss talking and it’s only been 110 minutes. Watch out random person assigned to the seat next to me- you don’t know it, but we’re about to be new best friends! 🙂


  1. Have fun!

  2. Sandra · May 8, 2013

    You are so funny! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Anonymous · May 10, 2013

    So you got my text? I think something is wrong with mine because I know I have not received some texts lately (I'm assuming you texted back!). Sorry for the repeat update in the e-mail I sent. We are praying! Enjoy your freedom, but don't forget to hurry back! 🙂 Alexis

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