Today in 21 Easy Steps:

1.  Wake up at Olya’s and head for the metro.  Take a marshrutka (mini bus) instead of walking because Addy’s little rolling suitcase I brought doesn’t like Ukrainian sidewalks.  🙂
2.  Head down the blue metro line.
3.  Switch to the red metro line.
4.  Find bus headed to Zhitomir.
5.  Hop on the bus and find Dima, fellow Kiev Vineyard friend, headed to Zhitomir as well!  Small world.
6. Olya and Dima take care of some planning for summer camps as we head down the road to Zhitomir.  Nice multi-tasking!  I stare out the window, on the lookout for coniferous trees.  Surely they exist in Ukraine, right?  In Kiev all you see is leafy trees.  I’m an Oregon girl!  I need to see some needles on those branches!
7.  As we near Zhitomir pine trees start to pop up.  It’s a sign!  Not only is Zhitomir one of the rainiest cities in Ukraine, but they have coniferous trees!  I am at peace.
8.  Take taxi to Mission to Ukraine because I can’t remember exactly how to walk there, and Addy’s suitcase doesn’t like Ukrainian sidewalks, remember?
9.  Meet landlady at Mission to Ukraine, give MTU staff big hugs.  SOOOOOO happy to see their faces again!  Sigh….contentment.
10.  Walk to house we will stay in for the next several days while in Zhitomir.  We are pleasantly surprised!  This is a great place. 🙂
11.  Take marshrutka to city center to find some food.  Hunger calls.  We eat borscht and crepes at delicious Celantanos.  Again, contentment.  
12.  Now we have our bearings so we walk back to MTU.
13.  Meet realtor, Sveta, at MTU and head upstairs to chat House Hunters International details.  Coffee and tea provided by the fabulous Oksana.
14.  Take marshrutka to check out apartment for rent.  Pleasantly surprised yet again!  The location isn’t good, but it gave me an idea of what is possible on our budget.  We plan to meet the realtor again on Thursday when she has had some time to look around for what we are interested in.  Sweet, Christian lady.  Yay God!
15.  Obligatory stop for ice cream.  (Duh.)
16.  Take marshrutka back to city center.
17.  Walk from city center back to our neighborhood because we don’t know what marshrutka will take us closer to home.  🙂
18.  Stop at the store for groceries.  It’s a small store where everything is behind the counter and you have to ask for whatever you want.  Note to self: don’t attempt this store alone.  Yikes. 😉 
19.  Walk back to house. 
20.  Skype kids, meet pastor with extra key, make dinner, start laundry, make contacts for tomorrow, hang laundry to dry, do dishes, write blog.
21.  Pass out. 
I can’t really describe my feelings at being in Zhitomir today, knowing we will live here.  I have too many feelings ruminating to be able to accurately describe them, so I’ll wait and try another day.  🙂  
All I can say is that I truly can’t believe this is happening.  
Happy, excited, freaked out, impatient, dreading, scared, confident, trusting, fretting, content.
All of the above within a 5 minute stretch.  Oy. God is good and His love never fails!  

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  1. Sandra · May 14, 2013

    Loving these updates! God is indeed the best!

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