Tangled Up Knots of Goodness

“Then he isn’t safe?” said Lucy.

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you?  Who said anything about safe?  ‘Course he isn’t safe.  But he’s good.  He’s the King, I tell you.”
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
We’ve been reading The Chronicles of Narnia aloud for the past few weeks.  First we read The Magicians Nephew, and we just finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe today.  Wow.  So timely.  
This thing is really happening.  How did it get to be almost the end of August? This is really happening- and it’s happening soon.  I wish I could put into words the way I feel, the wild knot of emotions that run through my heart and mind all day these days.  
As we’re cleaning out our two rooms here in our temporary home in preparation for our final garage sale, I find myself almost unable to wrap my brain around the fact of what needs to go.  This is it.  We aren’t storing anything but keepsakes.  There’s no back-up-plan storage unit filled with our stuff “just in case”.  It all has to go.  All In.  
A Bible study for moms is starting up at church in September, and I’ll only be around for a couple of the sessions…then they’ll continue to meet and I’ll be gone.
Our Home School co-op will continue, plans being made for the year and we won’t be there.
At church camp this past weekend I was chatting with a missions friend about the massive intimidation of the Russian language and he said “Don’t worry.  Take your time.  Think long-term; you’ve got years to learn it!”  OMG.  I guess I hadn’t thought about it that way!  🙂  This isn’t a crash course in Russian, this is life.  
I’m so excited for what God has.  I’ve never felt more alive or more filled with faith than I do right now.  I’ve never known, like I know now that we are exactly, precisely in the palm of God’s hand.  
In some moments I don’t worry at all.  In some moments I feel giddy about what this new life will bring, fairly bursting with optimism, peace, hope, and joy in the journey.  In other moments I feel afraid, overwhelmed, and a little like I know we have absolutely no idea what we are getting ourselves into.   
So, you probably get the idea that the knot of emotions and thoughts is pretty impossible to untangle right now.  But that’s okay!  It’s messy, but it’s okay.  All God is asking of us is to say yes to Him, and to trust in His goodness.  
Is this a safe move?  Well, God didn’t call us to safety.  He called us to yes.  I have no doubt that safe or not, it will be good.  Very good. 
Tonight, whatever you are facing, whatever ‘yes’ God is calling you to- trust in His goodness.  All He is asking for is your yes.  It might not feel safe.  It might feel really uncomfortable.  It might feel scary.  You might not be able to predict the outcome.  You might not be able to wrap your brain around the sacrifice, but I guarantee you also can’t wrap your brain around the joy.  I know I can’t, but I’m already getting amazing glimpses! It is our joy, it is your joy to say yes to Him.  Think about that day when all has been said and done and we stand before our King, our Love, our Friend.  Will it matter if we were safe and comfy?  Or will we take a deep breath after a life completely spent for Him and think “Whew!  Now that was a wild ride!”  

Say Yes.  Give it all.  Step out.  He is good.  He is worth it.

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