On Bravery


My kids have a strange phobia of escalators.


When presented with an escalator their eyes grow huge, they back away slowly…hanging on to Mommy for dear life. They would choose an elevator over an escalator any day.


These kids- the same ones who will happily take on Space Mountain and California Screamin' with a smile on their faces are totally, illogically scared out of their minds when it comes to escalators.


That would be fine and I wouldn't care at all, except the teeny weeny fact that we're moving to Ukraine next month. Ummmm have you seen how you get down to the subway in Ukraine???

Ummm…yeah…our little fear of escalators just isn't gonna cut it.


So, today we practiced!

We faced our fears

We helped each other when they were afraid

And we conquered!

We are so brave!!!

Bam! Take that escalator!
Brace yourself, Kiev Metro. We're comin' for ya.
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One comment

  1. Phyllis Hunsucker · October 21, 2013

    I love it! (And I promise that I won’t tell them my Moscow Metro–escalators there are even longer!–horror story, if we ever meet in real life.)

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