21 Days of Prayer with Wide Awake

Hey all!

So, if you’re the countdown type, you may be interested to know we’re moving to Ukraine in 20 days!!!!  Yesterday we started a 21 days of prayer countdown over on the official Wide Awake International blog.  We would love it so much if you would join us there!

All the preparation, all the talking, all the waiting on the Lord, and the time is finally here.  It’s Go-Time.  We simply cannot do this alone.  We need the prayer of many, many people with hearts to see God move in Ukraine.

Would you join with us, our church, and our board as we seek God about specific things these last 20 days?  Thank you!!!

I’m re-posting today’s prayer post here so you can see what we’re up to, and then if you want more you can check out the Wide Awake blog for daily prayer points. 

Wide Awake day 2

We are in such a tender season of transition, as we move from a place rich with familiar comforts to somewhere new and somewhat unknown.  You may be in such a season yourself.  May God transform each of our desires for “comfort,” and create in us hearts that give willingly and gratefully for the opportunity to do something significant for His kingdom.  May God grant us all undivided hearts, being mindful only of what matters to Him.


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