Wide Awake on Wheels

The day has finally come!

Today we bought a van!!!

Thanks to amazing friends and supporters in Lucerne, Switzerland and Talbot, Oregon we’ve had the money for months!  But, laws in Ukraine concerning vehicle purchasing kept changing after the first of the year and we were waiting for the final decision on how the laws would be interpreted before we forked out the cash.  The laws would determine if we drove in a car from another country or if we bought locally.  

Jed ended up finding a great van right in our very own town, and today he picked it up!

And there was much rejoicing.  🙂

There is space for 8 passengers and then the driver.  There is also space for at least two wheelchairs!  What a blessing.  This will also give our family much more freedom and that brings an extra dose of rejoicing! (think room for grocery bags, the ability to give friends a ride, and the possibility of drives out of town to nature…yay!)

To our friends who gave thousands and thousands of dollars, your gift will literally change lives.  We can’t even describe to you how much easier it will be to get to our Boys.  The Director has welcomed us there as often as we want to come, but lack of a vehicle has limited us many times.  No more!  Many of our youth that come to Youth NIght miss out on the events because of the difficulty of transporting people in wheelchairs.  No more!

Tomorrow the van will make it’s first trip to Romaniv.  Wide Awake is on the move!  Praise God!!!!

PS:  I just got confirmation that three more of our boys ARE OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE for adoption!  Expect an intro post soooooooon!!!  


  1. NWSS · March 26, 2015

    And it’s a VW…yay for keeping the lineage alive!

    Steve Bittner Santiam Christian School Northwest Student Services, LLC (541)760-2027

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  2. Pat Epperly · March 28, 2015

    Fantastic, looks like a nice one! We had a small on once and it was great! God bless you as you travel!

  3. Laura Sparks · March 31, 2015

    Yipee!!! So excited to see your beautiful van…what an extreme blessing!! God bless you and keep you safe as you travel in it! Rejoicing with you!!

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