Massively Exciting News!

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So, last week I told you all a bit more about Zhanna and Vanya and about how much they have come to mean to our family and team. Well, you didn’t know it, but I was prepping you for this week’s news: Zhanna and Vanya will soon be moving into the duplex!! Ohhhhhh yeah, you read it right. They are officially becoming a part of our team and family here on the Homestead and we are so thankful and excited. 

Years ago, before we even had land in our village, before we adopted Vlad or had guardianship of any of our boys, we would sit and imagine how the dream God had given us would play out. We wondered who would come to help us, who would want to live with the boys, and Jed had an idea. He thought about how amazing it would be if parents who already had their own children with disabilities would want to come live with our boys in community. That way, our boys would have loving people in their lives who already see the value in every life, and our team could help support the parents as they raise their children into adulthood. We thought it could be a win-win for everyone.

When we met Zhanna last spring it was obvious from the start that she shared our same heart. We clicked right from the beginning. Back in the fall I shared our dream of parents like her living with our boys and offhand mentioned “Hey! Wanna come live with Anton and Sasha?” We laughed about it and moved on. Then on Chrismas day, when we were having a quiet day with the boys, Zhanna and Vanya were with us and she brought up that conversation. She asked me if I really meant what I said about parents like her living with our boys. I told her I definitely meant it! Parents like her already “get” our life. It is not a big adjustment to live with our boys, because she has already adjusted her entire life for Vanya. She is committed to him for life- she’s not going anywhere. Zhanna told me she was seriously considering it, and we started to discuss details. Then on New Years Eve, she came to me and told me “I want to live here with the boys. I feel in my heart that it is the right thing for us.” ❤️
We met later to talk details, and the decision was made. Our family just grew.

Next week Zhanna and Vanya will begin to spend their days at the duplex, and then sleep at home at night. We will all take our cues from the boys and over the next couple of months they will slowly transition to living full-time with Anton and Sasha. At the end of February Grant will join them. 💪 It will require each and every one of us to grow and change, but we are all ready. One of our values is to be a welcoming community- and we are ready to live that value out. Zhanna and Vanya will no longer be alone, and we will have more of the help we desperately need so that we can bring more boys out of Romaniv and into family life. 

I really can’t thank you enough for praying. God was working on Zhanna’s heart for months and we had no idea. Anton and Sasha are in the perfect spaces, emotionally, to be able to accept new people into their home. It is just right. 

God is so good to us and our boys. He doesn’t miss a detail. 

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  1. Laura Powell · February 4, 2022

    Wonderful news! I love hearing all that’s going on, especially great updates like this!

    • kimnjed · February 8, 2022

      Yes, this is the best kind of update!

  2. Shari · February 4, 2022

    Awesome news! My eyes usually leak reading your updates!

    • kimnjed · February 8, 2022

      Ha! Yes, it is the best news.

  3. Denise Woods · February 4, 2022

    Had thought that might happen! Awesome!

    • kimnjed · February 8, 2022

      Yes! I was prepping you for it. 😆

  4. Kimber Klopp · February 4, 2022

    I’m so excited for EVERYONE!!!
    Will you be building another duplex on the property? I’m just curious

    • kimnjed · February 8, 2022

      Yes, so exciting! I don’t think the property can handle another duplex, but we are thinking of ideas of a like a multipurpose building with maybe an apartment or two attached…something like that. Time will tell!

  5. janetmaxim · February 4, 2022

    Isn’t that like God, to bless BOTH Zhanna and Vanya with family, at the same time blessing the rest of ya’ll. He always has far more in mind than we ask or imagine. A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, is God in His holy dwelling. God makes a home for the lonely; Ps. 68:6
    Praising Him over here!

    • kimnjed · February 8, 2022

      Yes! It really is a better answer than we could have imagined. We are so thankful!

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