Off to Camp We Go! 

We leave this morning for Mission to Ukraine’s summer camps for kids with disabilities! There are two camps in a row and they last pretty much till the end of the month, so we’ll be out of touch for a while. 

We have had the best time welcoming Sara Rogers to Ukraine! Sara is from Arizona and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in a community for adults with disabilities there. Her experience and passion has blessed us immensely over the past week. She will be here for two more weeks, bringing massage to Romaniv while we are at camp. Sara is teaching the head nurse at Romaniv and providing the boys with awesome, precious moments of peace and beauty. It has truly been miraculous. I am so thankful the boys will keep getting the love while we are away at camp! 

Here are a few pics of Sara’s first week at Romaniv. If you follow Wide Awake on Facebook you can see many more awesome pics there! 

Thank you Sara for giving so much to our boys. It is life-changing for them 🙂 



  1. Pat Epperly · July 11, 2015

    What a very lovely thing to do on ones vacation. Have a fabulous productive time at camp. Look for news when you return. May God bless and keep you.
    Love ~ Grandma Pat

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