Johnson Kids Meet American School

So I’m sitting here in a coffee shop ALL ALONE. I’m not sure the last time this has ever happened to me. Wait, has this ever happened to me before? It feels very strange and even a bit wrong. I feel like I’m forgetting something….or four somethings. 🙂 

The Johnson kids are in school. Wow. 

You know, I think I must be a slow learner, because God keeps telling us to do stuff I said we would never do. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut a little more often. Hehe. We are a homeschooling family. I love homeschool. It just works for us. It clicks with us. Why would my kids ever need to go to school when I can teach them just fine at home? Well, enter moving across the world and then one year of Ukrainian school then international adoption then temporarily relocating back to the other side of the world and a multitude of doctor’s offices and surgeries to come and you get the idea: school must happen and I’m not going to have the time to do it myself. 

Jed and Vladik are still in Ukraine waiting on documents to be able to leave the country; meanwhile the kids and I are here in Oregon getting settled and prepared for their arrival. And the kids started school on Tuesday. Eeeeeek! 

We are so blessed to have an amazing Christian school in our city with teachers that know our family and have been praying for us for years. In fact, my mom, my brother, and one of my dearest friends are three of them!  The school is giving us some financial aid, so praise God for that. We still haven worked out exactly how we’re going to pay for the rest of it, but God knows and He will provide. 

Jed and I felt really strongly that it wouldn’t be the best idea to put our kids straight from Ukraine into public school where we knew no one. We also knew that I won’t be able to cart them to all Vladik’s upcoming medical appointments, so this school is a huge answer to our prayers. Already, after the first week, I know it was the right choice. The kids are happy and loving it, the teachers are wonderful, and I know they are safe and loved. 

Hava and Seth are both in kindergarten.

Ezra is in fourth grade and Grams is his teacher! 

And Addy is doing fifth grade. 

This world of American school is like another foreign country, but so far we seem to be navigating it okay (minus being late on the FIRST DAY…oops). It’s a breeze compared to navigating Ukrainian school…I mean, for starters, everyone speaks English! Ha! 

So, that’s where we stand now. On another note, if you could pray for our adoption process we would super appreciate it. We are hitting delay after delay after delay and we are so tired and ready to be together as a family. Vladik and Jed still wait for documents and the kids are missing Daddy like crazy. Praise God they have done amazingly well during all this transition, but we are soooo ready to be done!!! Thanks 🙂 



  1. Mike Hill · September 11, 2015

    Your post today made me cry. I am so proud of the Mom and Woman you have become. Thank you (and your parents) for letting me part of your life. You still have your joyous sense of humor!!!

  2. Dorothy M Hawkins · September 13, 2015

    Kim and family- we miss and love you all, and i defiantly will pray for you all, have been and will continue to do so. Also I need a home address for you all; I have a package to send to you. I also want to send a little love gift-$ to help with the my grand children’s school things. One and Only True Living God please bless Kim and Jed and my grandchildren, you know their needs and your know their works for they work for you. Ease provide their every need and bring Jed and my newest grandson home to Oregon- safely and quickly without any problems. We pray this in your Son Jesus name and give you the praise and thanks- Amen and amen. Miss and love you all- xoxoxoxoxoxoxo- your sitter, friend, and grandma- Dorothy

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