On My Mind: The Kids.

I’ve been a bit absent in this space over the past several weeks. I blame Christiana. 🙂 Our friend, Christiana, has been here for the past several weeks, and since I have her nearby to verbally process with, I feel less of a need to process here. Ha! You all didn’t realize you were my sounding board…or maybe you did. I’m an external processor, so I either need to talk out my thoughts or in absence of an English-speaking friend, write them out. So, I told Christiana I blame her for my lack of writing inspiration. Hehe. How’s that for throwing a friend under the bus?

Lately, the main thing that’s been ringing around in my brain has been my kids. I’m a mom of many, so obviously, mothering takes up the majority of my time and attention. As my kids move into different stages they need more or less of that time and attention, and right now it seems every one of them needs more. It’s a season where I’m seeing a lot of things that need to change and realizing that I need more support than I currently have in order to make those changes. So, it’s been a bit of a stretching season of mothering.

I think I’ve written about it here before, but parenting in our situation feels like parenting in a black hole. We have no peers around to talk with, bounce ideas off of, to watch and learn from. Jed and I feel pretty much alone in this whole parenting gig. The majority of our kids’ closest friends are from here in our village, and those parents are mostly absent. I have no idea what is going on in their homes, and they spend most of their time here in our home or in our yard. That makes things easier for me since I mostly always know where my kids are! 🙂 But parenting without other moms around can be both a blessing and a hardship. On one hand, I have no one with whom to compare myself. I’m not on social media anymore and I don’t have other mom friends to watch, so the comparison game isn’t a thing for me anymore. What a relief! I don’t feel less than, because I literally have no idea what other people are doing. On the other hand, I literally have no idea what other people are doing, so I can’t learn from them or ask for their advice. When things are going well that seems like no big deal, but when things are rough, it’s like a massive hole. I would love so much to have a peer group of moms to move through life together. I had that before we moved here and I miss it so much. I can read parenting books written by older and wiser people and learn something new, but it’s definitely not the same as sitting down for coffee with a friend to just talk through your struggles together. Sigh. Any of you moms out there wanna move to Ukraine and be my neighbor?

The only child who still likes her picture taken…

Our Addy is seventeen and in her junior year of high school. Can you believe it? Our first little chickadee will soon leave the nest. Noooooooooooo! It’s an exciting time of preparing for next steps and helping Addy to realize her dreams. She would like to take a year after graduation to attend a Bible School in Germany, and then she hopes to enter a German nursing school and study there (free higher education for the win!). To be eligible for studying in Germany Addy will need a high school diploma from an accredited American high school. So, this next year she will be enrolled in a school that is part online and part textbooks. Hopefully, we can cram enough credits in there to get her that coveted diploma. She’s pretty motivated and determined, so I have no doubt that she’ll do it. She also needs B1 level German to enter nursing school, so next week she will begin German lessons. Exciting times for our girl!

Next school year Ezra will be enrolled in the same accredited high school as Addy. He’ll be a sophomore and I’m excited for him to have the opportunity to learn from other teachers. Addy is a very motivated self-learner, but Ezra does better with deadlines and more specific feedback. I really hopeful that this school will be a good fit for him. If he wants to study further in the US he won’t need a diploma, but if he chooses another country for study, like Addy, then he will almost definitely need one. We figured it’s easier to bite the bullet now and just work toward the diploma so his options are more open in the future.

Hava is continuing on in Ukrainian school. She’s finishing up 5th grade and so far, it suits her just fine. She’s still young, but right now she says she wants to attend university in Ukraine and become a teacher. As long as she thinks she wants to stay in Ukraine, we’ll keep her in Ukrainian school. She’s getting a high level of education and thriving in school. No need to go changing a good thing. We’ll just take it a year at a time.

Seth has been homeschooling this year and I have no doubt that bringing him home for school was the right choice. We have just recently started learning therapy for him via Zoom and I’m really hopeful that it will help him grow in his literacy. He has progressed a lot this past year, but I know he needs more than I can give him. Just knowing we have another set of eyes and ears on his learning is such a relief to me! I want so much for Seth to grow into the man God has created him to be and to reach his potential, so I’m really thankful we found this resource. I don’t really foresee Seth reentering Ukrainian school. We’ll take it a year at a time, but for now, he’s better off at home with me.

Evie is 3 and is already wondering when she will get to go to school. 🙂 Here in Ukraine, most people send their toddlers to the local “kindergarten”. It’s free preschool/daycare and you can send your child as often as you like. Our village has a kindergarten that runs half days and we’re considering sending Evie in the fall. I’d like her to go maybe 3 half days a week and see how she likes it. I really want her to enter first grade with confidence and good language skills so that she doesn’t struggle unnecessarily. She speaks Ukrainian now, but definitely below the level of her peers (although her English is great!). She’ll need that extra boost of kinder in order to be ready for first grade when she’s 6. Plus, she’s super social and wants so badly to have friends (mini-Havalah). I’m pretty sure she’s gonna love it. We’ll see!

So, I’ve been researching diploma programs and learning therapy. I’ve been emailing and consulting and googling. We just have to work extra hard to access the resources that we need here. It’s a stretching time, but sometimes stretching feels good, even when it hurts a little.

What’s on your mind these days?


  1. Kimber Klopp · April 9, 2021

    It is always wonderful to read how things are going on your homestead.
    As your family grows in so many different ways. The Lord had plan and it is unfolding as He wished for your whole family.
    Here we are adjusting to a 2 hour 4 day a week school schedule. Iraklii LOVES school in any form. He is still in the Elementary school because his teacher faught to keep him. He is old enough to move to middle school (we like him where he is). He is also working so hard with his speaking device. On Monday he found the correct sequence to tell his speech teacher he was ready to. “STOP” his time with her. Of course when she double checked with asking him, “Are you finished for today?” He gave her his bright big smile!
    Iraklii is also starting to see all his specialist that cancelled their appointments a year ago. We learned yesterday that yes he is blind but he can see! One eye is nearsighted and the other farsighted (poor guy) but the difference isn’t enough to warrant glasses. Glasses he would not keep on.
    We would LOVE to move to Ukraine but Iraklii’s needs stop us.
    We have decided to add to our family again. Currently working with an agency out of Eugene to adopt through the foster care system again. We both (Duane and I) would love to return to Ukraine for another child in the not so distant future.
    We all pray daily for your family and team. All the boys and men you help with the work you are all doing.

    • kimnjed · April 14, 2021

      What great news about Irakli!! I’m so happy to hear from you. ❤️

  2. Phyllis Hunsucker · April 9, 2021

    I think my thoughts are awfully close to your thoughts! I had forgotten that your Addy and our Jaan are the same age, same class. He had been saying that he wanted to go to Bible college right here in Kherson, but then he all of a sudden switched to thinking of LCC in Lithuania. He’s signed up for SAT in Mykolaev next month, thinking about getting his first D visa (difficult with countries closed), residency, etc. I also have our oldest two registered with a USA homeschool so that they’ll get diplomas….

    • kimnjed · April 14, 2021

      Oh man, too bad we aren’t neighbors! So much to talk about 🙂

  3. Elaine · April 17, 2021

    You are doing a great job of responding to each child’s needs/desires/personalities. When people ask what kind of education my 6 kids had I say: if there’s an education approach, we used it! It depended on where we lived, the situation of the family/child/resources, etc. Praying for all to go well in each of their lives!

    • kimnjed · April 19, 2021

      Thank you so much! We are thankful we have the opportunity to make it personal for each kid.

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