Big Day

It’s a pretty big day around here.  We’ve got a reader Folks!
That’s right, Ezra is reading!  Going into this year I was pretty nervous since Addie could already read when we started homeschooling her, thanks to Mrs. O’Connor (shout out to Jan!).  I’ve never taught anyone to read and it all seemed very complicated and mysterious.  But…we have success! 
I have to confess, I owe it all to Bob.  
I kept hearing everyone talking about “Bob Books”.  I kept thinking “Who the heck is Bob?”  Oooooh let me tell ya, that Bob is one sweet fella.  My lovely friend loaned me a set of Bob Books and we are victorious.
Ezra’s an animal.  Not only is he officially a reader, you probably didn’t realize he’s also a Jedi.  Yep, he’s one talented guy.
I love him to pieces.


  1. Jane@flightplatformliving · November 14, 2011

    fantastic!!! how exciting i share a birthday with ezra as well! thankyou so much for your generous donation to francines giveaway as well! i am so touched. best of luck honey on the draw, lets hope you end up with an extra reason for fun on ezras birthday xxx

  2. Jed and Kimber · November 15, 2011

    Thanks Jane!

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