Livin’ the Dream

Today as I was driving down the road I was overcome with thankfulness.
This road our family is on is just so stinkin’ exciting and amazing!!  As I was driving I was thinking, “How is it that we get to do this?”  We are preparing to live out our dream and I just can’t believe it’s really happening.
I bet you’ve heard the verse in Psalms 37,
Delight yourself in the Lord
    and he will give you the desires of your heart. 
We are truly getting the desires of our hearts right now and I can just hear God chuckling to Himself about the whole thing.  I mean, how great of a system did He create?  First He puts a desire in our hearts, then when He fulfills that desire we get all excited and surprised like “God!  How did you know I wanted to do that?!”  Duh.  He’s the one who gave us the desire in the first place.  I just love it!
All glory just has to go to Him.  
I remember back in April when Jed and I first entered the  Romaniv orphanage.  Nervous and excited we stepped through the doors of the place we’d heard so much about.  Straight away we were slapped in the face with the smell.  Oh the smell!  Ha!  Then we were bombarded by children.  Not  just any children, but children who have been rejected by the world; boys who are considered unteachable, not worthy of a life.  Some drooled, most rocked, all smelled.  They talked too loud.  They stood too close.  
Yet…we were instantly in love.  
All glory must go to Him alone.
There was no other place we would have rather been in that moment.
In that stinky room with all those forgotten boys was one of the best times of my life.
I can still remember the look on Jed’s face when our eyes met over the heads of the boys.
His eyes were filled with tears.  This is what we were made for.
I would give most anything to be back there right this minute.
In that unlikely place, God was giving us the desires of our hearts- desires that He placed there long ago, when we were just children.  Now we get to move our whole family across the world to love on those boys and others like them.  I am just so stunned and so beyond thankful.  At times it feels overwhelming and scary.  How is it all going to work out?  How are we going to pay for this?  Are we ruining our children’s lives?  šŸ™‚  But today, today I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that we get to live out our dream.
He’s just too stinkin’ good!!


Oh, and while I have your attention I just have to do another shout out for my Heath.
 (Sneaky huh?)  šŸ™‚
We’ve had a ton of local response for our car wash fundraiser.  YAY!!!!!!
We would love to have more car washes happening all over the country.  If Heath’s adoption account reaches $25,000 we are confident he will be rescued.


Can you help?
Have a car wash!
Have a bake sale!
Collect spare change!
Turn in some pop cans!
Pray your guts out!
Show his face to your family and friends…tell them about our rescue mission!
Everyone can do something.  You don’t have to have $15,000…every single prayer, every single dollar counts.  God sees it all and He loves Heath so much more than we do.  I trust Him that Heath’s days as an orphan are numbered.  God has a plan for His life.
Let’s do this thing!!!!

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!


  1. Sara · August 7, 2012

    Well said! This is only the beginning….. šŸ™‚

  2. Ben and Melanie · August 8, 2012

    TEARS…. Darn it, you keep makin me Cry! Oh and you gave me the Goose bumps! Email me chick… I want Info! Hi to the Jedge!

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