Our Baby

Our hearts are full to bursting!

My view from here

Our Wide Awake event happened on Friday night and I’m not sure I’ve stopped smiling since.  

Jed and I were talking afterward about how we felt.  The best way I could think to describe my feelings was like one of the feelings you get when you have your first baby.  Of course when Addy was born I thought she was the cutest newborn ever (don’t even try to argue with me, I’ll win).  But there was a special feeling that filled my heart when other peopled oooo’d and ahhhh’d over her.  I would think she was cute regardless of other opinions, but when other people loved my baby it felt like a different kind of amazing.  “They love my baby!  They think she’s something special!”

That’s totally how Friday night felt for us, x 100.  

Wide Awake is like our baby.  Wide Awake represents all the forgotten babies on the other side of the world who have captured our hearts.  Of course we think Wide Awake is something special (we better or else we have no business selling all our stuff and moving to Ukraine!), of course we think the plight of the disabled orphans is something big and important, of course we think those faces in our video and our powerpoint are beautiful and valuable, regardless of what others may think.  God put that love in our hearts!  It all comes from Him.

Perty yard

BUT, on Friday night people oooo’d and ahhhh’d over our babies.  People were loving our babies and it felt amazing.  “They love our baby!  They think it’s something special!”  🙂

When you see people valuing what you value it brings hope.
When you see people sharing your event with all their friends and asking thoughtful questions you feel thankful.  
When you see people driving 3 hours because they love you and they are excited about what God is doing it makes you cry.

We had a fantastic turnout on Friday and we could not be more humbled and thankful.  

Thank you a million times over to every single person who came!
Thank you to those who invited a friend!
Thank you to those of you who gave generously of your time to drive over mountains to get there.
Thank you to those who gave generous donations!  Blown away.  Woohooooooo!

God is so faithful.  His love NEVER fails.  

Happy Father’s Day to Jed!  He is seriously amazing.  Yes, I’m biased, and yes, I’m right.


  1. Crystal Kupper · June 17, 2013

    I'm sorry I missed it! I was planning on coming, but then Nick got home late from Washington. 🙁

  2. Sandra · June 17, 2013

    So glad to hear that! i heard from one of my church committee members on Sunday about donations for orphans and told him about you guys… he says to talk about you guys & your work & the orphans maybe in the Fall!! So PM me my dear!

  3. Deanna · June 19, 2013

    I love this!!

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